Heavy Bimbo

I just finished a track for a new noise/punk band I created called Heavy Bimbo. I was listening to a lot of Massonna, Flying Testicle, and Mike Patton stuff lately and created this as a new outlook for me. I used to have a noise project called Kwaidan several years ago. This is not a continuation of that. This is something completely new and all new material will be recorded. I will then shop around at small labels to look for a proper releases of an album.

A few notes on this project, I will only use a computer to record and maybe sequence. All sound will be generated from an analog source, whether it be toys, scrap metal, or other instruments, I want to keep this project as organic as possible.

Rare Piece of Vinyl

Aleister Crowley -the original wax cylinder recordings


A1 The Call Of The First Aethyr (Enochian)
A2 The Call Of The First Aethyr (English)
A3 The Call Of The Second Aethyr (Enochian)
A4 The Call Of The Second Aethyr (English)
B1 La Gitana
B2 The Pentagram
B3 One Sovereign For Woman
B4 The Poet
B5 At Sea
B6 Fingernails
B7 The Titanic
B8 Collects From The Gnostic Mass
B9 Vive La France

There is no record label that released this. No history of release. I heard about him making these recordings using an Edison Wax Cylinder recorder around the turn of the of the century. I have heard mp3s of his recordings, but this is something that is very unique.

Legendary Pink Dots

Last night I saw the Legendary Pink Dots live for the first time and it was incredible. I will have more details later but they played two of my favorite songs. "Hellsville" and "Belladonna". The line up was Martijn, Neils Van Horn, Edward Ka-Spell, and The Silverman. Glorious.

Hershey Kiss on Lips

thursday night I have to go down to the studios at school and record a radio spot for a candy bar and it will be extra sexy. Barron is coming down to do the voice over. Not sure yet about the music yet, maybe sexy RnB?