Kristian Day and Brent Houzenga at the JG Faux Show

Kristian Day on Iowa Screen Scene

Birth of a Star - a microfilm by Kristian Day

Fell "Offical Trailer"

ON the Spot with Ryan Kolder: Yankee Doodle Pops

Our newest show is now online: ON the Spot with Ryan Kolder: 2010 Yankee Doodle Pops!

Traumafessions :: Writer/Director/Composer Kristian Day on An Americal Tail & Sesame Street

I wrote an article for Kinder

here is a preview:

As a child growing up in the late ’80s and early ’90s in the Midwest, I was normally entertained by video tapes and television shows. I can’t really remember a time where I wasn’t watching a cartoon or kids program. We didn’t have a lot of money so I watched a lot of things over and over again. This is the time where the young mind is very fragile and can be shaped easily for the long journey that lies ahead. None of these tales that I am telling you have anything to do with horror or anything around it. It’s amazing what parents think is good and healthy for their children to watch. Oh how little do they understand a child’s mind.

Read the full article here.

In The Company Of Soldiers

This has finally come to see the light of day...

This album was originally recorded in 2005. It was originally intended to be released as a 10inch single for club and radio play. For over 5 years I thought these recordings were lost. The sound reflects what I was listening to at the time which was a mix of noise and dance music. Clear influences heard include Merzbow, DJ Spooky, and Alec Empire. Everything has been remastered an is available for free digital download.


Cactua is a short film collaboration between myself and make up artist Patrick Boltinghouse. This is the "single screening" version.

The "lock groove" version(endless playback with an alternative soundtrack) premieres July 9th at the Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines, Iowa as part of Brent Houzenga's Resident Artists: Guns Blazin' A Wild (mid)West Celebration.

ON the Spot with Ryan Kolder

As some people out there know (IE my Facebook peeps), I have been developing a local television program for Des Moines, Iowa called "ON the Spot with Ryan Kolder". We showcase local events and charities by giving them the spotlight for the community to see.

Here is our first full show:

ON the Spot with Ryan Kolder: LLS GALA from Kristian Day on Vimeo.

New Mp3 album, "We Destroyed This Land for Democracy" @ Last.Fm

Track List:

1.) A Day At The Water Park
2.) We Destroyed This Land For Democracy
3.) Civilized / Uncivilized Man
4.) The Minds Of Dead Soldiers Brought Together After The War
5.) Anesthesia Dreaming

Granular Synthesis used as soul composition tool for tracks 1 through 4. Old, dusty tape loops for track 5.

Available at Last.Fm

Article in Juice Magazine (Des Moines and Surround Area)

What I'm Into: Kristian Day age 24

Exerpt: "The film scene grew too fast in Des Moines to establish itself with strong legs. Iowa wasn't ready for it and it fell apart. New restrictions need to be in place. For example: The state should act like an "executive producer" and take a part of the profit and they should approve film budgets before they hand over the funds."

"Drawings by Billy and his friends" 3 minute experimental short film

From the press release:
In this experimental short film, Kristian Day collected artwork created by the public. He found the majority of the pieces at "Sharpie marker demonstration tables" and it took almost a year to collect the artwork. All pieces were created by chance with no prior thought. He originally intended on using the photos for a collage canvas piece, however after deciding that a short film would stand the test of time longer, he took individual shots of over 30 pieces. The drone music was created using a variety of simple sound generators & tapes that are being manipulated by delays, filters, and reverberation effects.

Kristian Day's "Bird Seed" short film

For your Enjoyment, my film "Bird Seed"...

Kristian Day's "Bird Seed" short film

For your Enjoyment, my film "Bird Seed"...

Spreading Bird Seed...

Taken from Dread Central:

"We're always on the lookout for up and coming filmmakers who do things a little differently from the norm, and composer Kristian Day seems to have accomplished that with his new short film "Bird Seed", which was written, directed, and scored by him...."

See the full article here:

Dread Central "Bird Seed" Article

New journal posted on Last.FM

I posted a journal entry on Last.Fm of my top 10 ambient albums.

Here is an excerpt:

As a composer of ambient music, I have been asked several times what have been my influences. Which, depending on what day you ask me my answers may change. I went through my collection to try and find what I would not only consider great ambient music, but also a great diversity in the genre. You'll notice there is no Robert Rich or Harold Budd in this selection and as much as I do love their work, I wanted to include a variety of artistic styles. Not all of these will be found on your digital cable soundscapes channel.


Kristian Day's Top 10 Ambient Albums