My favorite Halloween film this year: Tales From The Crypt 1972

Being in the film business often earns you the repetitive question "What's your favorite movie?". If you work or have worked on horror pictures you often get asked "What's your favorite horror flick?" There is never a consistent answer from me because my taste changes so often based on my mood. One thing is for sure, I have never been a real big slasher fan. Most are very predictable and the more recent films lack a lot of spirit. I do love a lot of supernatural films, in fact I can boldly say I have enjoyed the most recent Paranormal Activity franchise. For this years film choice for the Halloween season I am choosing the original 1972 feature, Tales from the Crypt. I remember renting this movie on VHS from Mr. Movies near Collins Road in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The filmed opened with the sound of dooming church organs and the camera panning through an old English cemetery. You can almost fool yourself into smelling the scent of comic books in the air. The movie shows its age but it is a reminder of what classic filmmaking is all about. There are so many great actors in this including Peter Cushing (Star Wars/various Hammer films). Each piece in this anthology has a moral lesson for a doomed individual. My personal favorite is the story of the poor old man who loved children but was hated by two men that wanted him to move (Peter Cushing piece). It's almost heartbreaking to watch but justice is served. This film was directed by Freddie Francis and also stars Joan Collins.

We face reality every day, sometimes an escape is well worth an hour on the couch.