Got Camera

Well got my camera this past Saturday. I spent most of Sunday shooting random stock footage to use on a later date. I spent some time with Miss Melea and had ice cream with her at Cold Stone. We discussed some ideas for a practice movie I wanted to do before I shot my film "Body in a Dumpster". It's like a gay romance hetero twist. I guess.

After that, I went over to Ben's where we journeyed into a sewer and shot random footage there. Then we when to Dancer's Ranch drank a beer, waited for the stripper to show some boobs and we left immediately after. We discovered that you can get in free if you get there right at 7pm. Its a litte creepy though looking at all the old guys sitting in there car waiting for the place to open. I learned that Sundays does not have the best selection but it is not like I really enjoy strip clubs anyways. They did break my $10 bill into a bunch of ones so I could get some change for laundry.