100 Tears screener

So I am finally getting around to watching my screener copy of the film, "100 Tears". Overall this movie is good. I wish I could have had a chance to finished a proper score and master my audio tracks. The only thing that really bothers me is that I really wanted to do some percussion stuff. I was told no over and over again. Then I watch this movie and Carl Homer, the other composer did a bunch of percussion stuff. I guess its ok though.

The Music Box

I have been diggin deep into my script for "The Music Box". I decided that the cause of all this mess is a legless witch or gypsy that coughs up tar like blood. I am going against myself by having this short be in black and white. I think this will be a little bit easier with the shitty lighting situation.

Back from Screamfest 2007

Well I am exhausted, mentally and physically. The trip was good overall but my body is beat to shit by the end of it all. I don't think I should have a booth next year. I made more contact just hanging out with people. I did speak with Lloyd. It turns on Kiel doesn't work for Troma anymore so I need to send another email to get Lloyd out here for Body in a Dumpster. Need to get on that. I also spoke with Marcus Koch of 100 Tears and he agreed to do the special fx for my film as well.


Ron Atkins just called me and he got the package. Every piece of music will be used and that is awesome.
So the fact the some stuff isn't going 100% right now does not bother me. Ron tells me he is taking this film to Hollywood and will be flying me out for the premiere. Hopefully everything goes well from here.

2 more Days

2 Days until I leave for Florida. I am sorta freaking out because I don't know if everything is going to be ready. We only have one Body in a Dumpster poster, the trailer is not finished, I need to make up my script for Lloyd to read while I am down there. It just seems like way to much shit going on. I have not heard back from Ron yet, I really hope that music showed up in Las Vegas today.

Positives. My demo reels will be ready.

Shooting, Watched some movies.

Just watched William Winckler's Frankenstein Vs the Creature from Blood Cove. This was a very fun watch. Not a super awesome film in any way, but it was really fun to watch. Its shot in HD and desaturized to make it black & white. This is not the best way to do things when wanting a black and white picture. Two options I would have thrown in were

1.) Shoot on Black/White film

2.) Make sure you only use light and dark colors.
* The costumes in my opinion were not chosen well. The thing of it is, if color is not going to be an issue than only pick costumes that contrast well.

Overall it was fun and I do enjoy black & white nudity. It's just a little more classy.

We are shooting the Teaser for Body in a Dumpster on Sunday. Really excited.

Vanishing Point

I watched Vanishing Point for the first time today. I really enjoyed it. I noticed how there is much less dialog in older films. I love it. Everything really focus on scenery, story, and action. Things like the naked biker girl. She had long blonde hair, very 70s. She road on her bike under the desert sun. The scene spoke a lot about simplicity.

The movie starts off in Denver, Co and travels all the way to Cisco, California. The famous 1970 Doge Challanger is one of 3 cars that I have ever wanted. Watching him travel through the deserts of Colorado, Nevada, and California is simply stunning. I was just sucked in.

Got Camera

Well got my camera this past Saturday. I spent most of Sunday shooting random stock footage to use on a later date. I spent some time with Miss Melea and had ice cream with her at Cold Stone. We discussed some ideas for a practice movie I wanted to do before I shot my film "Body in a Dumpster". It's like a gay romance hetero twist. I guess.

After that, I went over to Ben's where we journeyed into a sewer and shot random footage there. Then we when to Dancer's Ranch drank a beer, waited for the stripper to show some boobs and we left immediately after. We discovered that you can get in free if you get there right at 7pm. Its a litte creepy though looking at all the old guys sitting in there car waiting for the place to open. I learned that Sundays does not have the best selection but it is not like I really enjoy strip clubs anyways. They did break my $10 bill into a bunch of ones so I could get some change for laundry.

One more day of grinding

We woke up around 830 this morning. I crashed on their floor while watching The Midnight Skater. Tony is a big of a horror freak as I am. He even collects all the old Troma distro stuff. When we woke up we listened to the rough mixed tracks the night before. All we have to do today is record the vocals. So I am hoping we can get this done as soon as possible. I never sleep well when I am not in my own bed.

They took me to breakfast this morning at this place Idaho Springs. We had these awsome breakfast burritos with gravy smothered all over them. Tony told me that it was fat kid food.

We Grinded

So recording went really well. In fact better than I had planned. Aaron and Billy road up here too. We met Tony and Dennis at the liquor store and bought a 30 pack of PBR, and some ale in a can. We then drove over Robby's house where they have a really awesome jam space in the basement. I was in luck and they had some cables, sound blankets, and they already pretty much soundproof the drum room but we put more up anyways. I also had an added bonus of an excellent snare mic that Dennis had already attached. It sounded so amazing. We recorded all the music tonight. I guess we are crashing over at Tony's place which over in Idaho Springs. But first they said they are taking me to the bar for some food.

Whoregrinding up in the mountains

I'm heading up to Empire, CO to record a demo for the band Whoregrinder. The band itself features members another band from the highlands called Blud Klot. I packed my car up with my Digi 002, monitors, some mics, cables, and some sound blankets. Hopefully they have more mic cables since I really don't have that many. I am supposed to meet Tony up at a little liquor store just on the edge of town.