Shooting, Watched some movies.

Just watched William Winckler's Frankenstein Vs the Creature from Blood Cove. This was a very fun watch. Not a super awesome film in any way, but it was really fun to watch. Its shot in HD and desaturized to make it black & white. This is not the best way to do things when wanting a black and white picture. Two options I would have thrown in were

1.) Shoot on Black/White film

2.) Make sure you only use light and dark colors.
* The costumes in my opinion were not chosen well. The thing of it is, if color is not going to be an issue than only pick costumes that contrast well.

Overall it was fun and I do enjoy black & white nudity. It's just a little more classy.

We are shooting the Teaser for Body in a Dumpster on Sunday. Really excited.