A Sound Night

I just completed another piece of music called "Partial Piano Concerto". I sampled a single note from the Hellraiser score done by Christopher Young. I ripped it straight from a cassette and through it into Fruityloops. I made a melody that is played through the entire track. At every third measure a new appregio is done with the same sample. I made it sound really nasty as if it was found on a scratch old record. I did this by puting it through an overdrive, a lowpass filther, reverb, and then through a VST called Dub Box. I totally wrecked it with that and it sounds great.

The weather was terrible and it kept me home for the evening. But with that I accomplished a lot. As soon as I finish these last projects I can dive back into making music with full force. When completing monotonous tasks over and over again my mind begins to work with full force to force something out of me. There are times I feel like acting out, almost like shitting on the floor out spite. Its a uncanny urge these thoughts provoke. I hopefully someday can let them rest after my fullfillment in this life is complete. Digg It! Stumble Delicious Tweet It! Facebook

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