I want every writer to download CeltX

Last spring a wonderful little minx named Melea told me about a program called "CeltX". It's a free scriptwriting program for writers who don't want to mess with formatting.

When I finally visited the website (www.celtx.com), I soon realized that is not only a great scriptwriting program but also an entire pre-production suite for so many forms of media. These forms include: film, video, documentary, theater, machinima, comics, advertising, gaming, music video, radio, podcasts, videocasts, or any other medium you choose.

This program is perfect. Many professionals in the business claim programs like "Final Draft" are the way to go. While although this program is industry standard, I can see "CeltX" being standard for the indies. Simply because it's extremely useful, flexible, and free.

Now for the selfish side of me. I love writers and I want them in my life. I have written all but one film that I have done. I do enjoy being able to make my films completely from paper to the screen but I am but one person. Only things that I know come out and there is more originality out there than what I have in my skull.
So I want to encourage everyone to download CeltX, watch the free tutorials on the website, and write screenplays. I want to make movies from scripts made by other people. I have asked a few people to write for me and nothing has come from it...yet (you know who are..:)


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