I just found this interview with Joel D. Wykoop and he talks about Body in a Dumpster

the original article can be found here: http://www.searchmytrash.com/cgi-bin/articlecreditsb.pl?joeldwynkoop(4-09)

Would you like to talk about Body in a Dumpster (2008) for a bit?

Funny, you'd think MySpace was just for kids ... on the contrary, I have gotten a lot of my acting jobs from MySpace. Which is the origin or at least part of the origin of my being in Body in a Dumpster - YouTube - Body in a Dumpster Trailer. I met Kristian Day in Orlando at Screamfest 2006, if memory serves me We had shared interest in the new Truth or Dare-movie which was supposed to be made (not by Tim though), and Kristian was to do the music. Anyway Kris and I became good friends ... now flash forward to a few years ago when I was on my MySpace and I see a note from him about making a movie called Body in a Dumpster and I message him saying "how can you make a movie like this with out Joel D. Wynkoop?" - I laughed as I wrote it. He wrote me back "We thought about you but we just never put it into words, let me talk to my partner and I'll get back to you." Next I knew I was flying to Des Moines, Iowa, to shoot the movie.

Working with Kristain and the rest of cast and crew was great. In fact after Kris and his partner the first person I was to see there was Marcus Koch and I told him on location "Man, we live in the same town a half hour away from each other and we both have to come to Iowa to see each other." I also met some new acting friends, Barron Christian from Star Trek 6 and Bruce Spielbauer from Dark Knight and Larry Laverty of Mad TV whom I will be seeing shortly as I'm ready to go to Indiana to do Post Mortem America 2021. The whole shoot was awesome. I even got to direct Lloyd Kaufman for five short minutes or so. I am anxious to see it come out, these things sometimes take a while.

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mikehaberfelner says
March 1, 2010 at 4:39 AM

Hi, nice of you to quote from my interview with Joel. If you want to do an interview (with focus on your filmwork) for my site as well, email me at mikehaberfelner@hotmail.com. Interview will be entirely via email and without any deadline, so as to least collide with either our schedules.
Well, hope to hear from you soon