Ambient Martyr: Selected Works of Kristian Day NOW AVAILABLE on Itunes

Track List

1. Soul House (live)
2. Protozoa Drops
3. Kool Aid Party
4. Die Kapellenliebhaber
5. Made in the Summer (featuring Mike Fraser)
6. Henry
7. Buddha Machine and Radio I
8. A Lake With Strong Shoulders
9. Buddha Machine and Radio II
10. Lifted from 30 years Ago
11. Late Night Dew Drops
12. Who Sleeps Anyways?
13. Stalker
14. Sun Glows Red
15. They Called Her One Eye
16. Gemini
17. Sun Set (for Piano)
18. Old Movies

"Ambient Martyr" was originally conceived in 2008 as what I wanted to be my masterpiece album. I wanted to make an album that was a mix of acoustic instruments & abstract objects. However I had a huge artist block after the first four songs were recorded and the album got shelved.

Now in 2011, I took a selection of music from my back catalog dating from 2002 up to 2010. None of this music has been formally released minus the track 'Protozoa Drops' which had played on National Public Radio several times since November of 2004.

The one thing that I have always felt that has separated me from a lot of other electronic musicians is my minimal use of a computer to compose. I use a Pro Tools 002 unit for recording along with some of the software effects, however 95% of my sound still comes from hardware. I still believe there needs to be a personal touch to every piece of music I make.

Kristian Day
March 7th, 2011

released 08 March 2011
Kristian Day: All tracks, performance, and recording
except track 5: Guitar by Mike Fraser

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