New Interview online by (Re)search's Miachael Haberfelner

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Doing the two back-to-back, what are the main differences between working on a documentary and shooting fiction, and how are you allowing your personal style as a filmmaker to shine through in both of them?

Honestly, I have to do both at the same time. I shot my documentary, Brent Houzenga: Hybrid Pioneer, at the same time I shot my upcoming feature, Vessel. On the business end of things, I have to have one film in pre-production, one shooting, one in post-production, and one currently screening. This is the life of an independent filmmaker. I don’t have day job anymore. It’s the only way to keep business going.

On the creative end, I feel it helps me. There is a lot more pressure on me when I direct fiction, however I can be a lot more creative. I don’t have as much pressure in shooting a documentary, however there really isn’t a lot of room to make the rooms melt or have heads explode. There is also a huge learning experience with doing things like this that I can use with both styles.

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